A Day At Camp- Pastor John

Camp season is upon us.  It is always exciting to see children, youth, and even adults sign up for Christian camp.  I have had several people ask me, “What do the kids do all day at camp?”  Let me give you an average day at camp:

Old ChiRho Pic Pastor JOhn

By 8:00 AM the campers have woke up, taken showers, had a time of devotion, and make their way up to the cafeteria.  We call their time of devotion the “Morning Watch”.  This is usually a verse taken from the lesson for the day, or something from Psalms.  Along with the verse are a few questions for the campers to think about.

At 8:00 we gather together and have a morning prayer, and then the campers enjoy a great breakfast.  After they eat, there is usually a fun time of crazy songs.  Most of them have actions so we get up and move around.  At 9:30 the Camp Director gives a Keynote to the group.  This is a time when the Director talks about the activities for the day, shares a Bible passage, and then a short message that goes along with their learning time.

At 10:00, the camp breaks up into their groups (usually 3 groups of 10 campers) and they have a lesson time.  The lesson time usually includes study time, game time, craft time, and then some time to dig a little deeper in the lesson.  At 11:30 we have a little group free time.  The campers may play a large group game, or just sit around in the grass and talk with friends.

At Noon we pray and have lunch.  The lunches are fantastic at camp.  Lots of the kids favorites (pizza, tacos, spaghetti) as well as a salad bar and a homemade dessert.  After lunch, there are a few more funny songs, then it is time to hand out the mail for the day.  If a camper gets 3 or more things in the mail, they have to sing a song.

1:00 is F-O-B.  This stands for “Flat On Back” or “Feet On Bunk”.  It is naptime.  This is a time when campers read their mail.  This is why we encourage everyone to send letters or emails to our campers.  From 2:00 till 3:15, we have a work project time.  This is a time when the campers might paint a picnic table, or help gather wood, or other jobs around the camp.  This is also a time when a portion of the group may have a hike or work on their vespers for the evening.

3:30 to 5:00 is SWIM TIME!  There is also miniature golf, disc golf, volleyball, and other games.  At 5:30 we have prayer and then a great evening meal.  There is time for a few fun songs, then some fellowship time.

7:00 to 8:30 is group activity time.  This may be an evening swim at the pool, a movie, a large group game, a water balloon fight, a talent show or a dance.

At 9:00 we have a time of power praise.  This is a time when we learn some songs with actions, and we have fun doing them.  9:30 is vespers.  Vespers is a devotion made up by the campers and shared with the group.  It is usually centered around the lesson for the day.  This is followed by a campfire, where we talk about the day, and look forward to tomorrow.  By 10:30, the campers are back at their cabins, and they enjoy a good night’s sleep.

This is a fun week.  Every day the campers are reminded of the Chi Rho pledge: “With the help of Jesus, to the best of my ability, I will love and honor God; I will love and serve others; I will love and respect myself.”  Camp is life changing.    Pastor John





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