God’s Unstoppable Love

God’s Unstoppable Love- By Pastor John Claussen

I love the book of Psalms.  It seems that no matter what I am going through in my life, I can find a responsive echo for my tears or my laughter.  In those pages I can find strength at the end of a hard week, and spiritual energy at the beginning of a long day.  Just this morning I found myself in need of a spiritual burst of strength, and so I opened the Psalms randomly and found Psalm 48:9 “Within your temple, O God, we meditate on your unfailing love.”  What a fount of blessing in these words.  Not only did I find strength for the day, but in this passage I found a wonderful reminder that I can take with me during a busy summer.

To meditate means to think deeply about something.  And what better subject to give profound thought than the love of God.  Not just the love of God, but the unfailing love of God.  The word used for this is agape.  The unfailing, unconditional, unstoppable love of God.  Because, love is not just something God does, love is something God IS!  God is love!  And God never fails.  Think about it.

On the best of days, God’s love is unfailing.  On those days when the clouds of life try to block the joy of the sun, God’s love is unfailing.  Unstoppable.  Think about it!  Meditate on the unfailing love of God.

The other day Cindy and I went to one of Addie’s softball games.  This is her first year playing softball.  The games, at that age, can be, to say the least, lackluster.  But in the Addie Softballbottom of the second inning, my granddaughter got her first hit…and it was a  good one.  We were very happy grandparents.  We rejoiced with her.  But our love for her did not change one bit.  It couldn’t.   Our love for Addie is the same if she hits a home run, or if she strikes out.  Our love for our grandchildren is unfailing, unstoppable.  And if the love of mere humans can reach that point, think how the love of God can do that, and so much more.

There are many things in store for all of us this summer.  Many joys.  Many struggles.  But through it all, the unfailing love of God is there.  Just take time to think about the love of God.  Think about how much your Creator loves you.  Meditate on that unstoppable, unconditional love of God.  God is love!  Think about it!

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