Camp 2022 Info

Here is the information church members will need for the Camp 2022 season! Remember, camp is for EVERYONE! There are so many great options to consider for all ages. If you have questions, contact Helen Harpin she will be happy to talk to you about camp! Register by May 1!

Important Payment Info:  Many families pay for camp themselves, but scholarships are available. If you are unable to pay for all of your camp costs, please talk to Helen and she will discuss the options with you! Everyone should be able to go to camp!

We are happy to mail in paper registrations and check payments. Please make checks for your portion of camp costs out to the camp you are attending, not to the church.  This makes our process easier. You can also make all or partial payments when you register for camp online. More information on how to register below. Call the church if you need a registration sheet for camp 515-288-1914

Christian Conference Center (Newton, IA) Camps:

Spend an awesome week growing in faith on “Holy Ground!” The Christian Conference Center is a beautiful campground. The staff take great care to ensure the safety and comfort of all campers. We encourage you to give camp a try this year, and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Registering online is the easiest way to register for camp! You MUST forward your registration confirmation email to, know which camp your camper will be attending, and how much you contributed toward the cost. You can register online here:

Camp Downloads and Links | ccumw (

Paper Registration: You can fill out a form and the church will mail it along with your portion of your camp payment (in check form) to the camp. Please make your check for your portion of camp costs out to The Christian Conference Center, not to the church. This will make our process easier.

What to bring to camp? Camp Downloads and Links | ccumw (

Save the Date for Summer Camp 2022!

Williams Family Camp.jpg

Family Camp

2 night retreat for kids 0-18 with an adult family member

Dates June 3-5

Cost $75 per person, $275 family max 

Age 0-18 accompanied by a least one adult


Grand Camp

For kids age 4 to completed 2nd grade with one or more grandparents

Dates June 25-26 OR July 16-17

Cost $60 per person

Age 4 to grade 2 accompanied by a grandparent


Beginner Camp

2 night overnight camp for kids who have completed 2nd and 3rd grades

Dates June 5-7

Cost $140

Age Grades 2-3

2018 07 08_JYF3_2051.JPG

Junior Camp

Weeklong overnight camp for kids who have completed 3rd, 4th and 5th grades

Dates June 13-18, July 11-16, August 1-6

Cost $280

Age Grades 3-5


Chi Rho Camp

Weeklong rustic camp for youth who have completed 6th, 7th and 8th grades

Dates June 13-18, June 20-July 25, July 11-16

Cost $280

Age Grades 6-8


CYF Camp

Weeklong leadership conference for youth who have completed the 9th through 12th grades

Dates June 20-25 OR July 18-23

Cost $280

Age Grades 9-12



Weeklong Art, Drama and Music Camp for youth who have completed 6th through 12th grades

Dates July 25-30

Cost $280

Age Grades 6-12


Adventure Camp

Weeklong high adventure experience (on site and off site activities) for 6th through 12th graders

Dates June 27-July 2

Cost $280

Age Grades 6-12


Standing Rock Study Trip

Study trip to Standing Rock, North Dakota that includes experiences with the Standing Rock Tribe

Dates June 6-12

Cost $280

Age Grades 9-12


Senior Adult Retreat

2 night, 3 day camp for Senior Adults (ages 55+).  You are never too old to go to camp!

Dates September 19-21

Cost $155

Age 55+

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