Worship Services During Remodel


The transition, financial and building teams are busy coordinating plans with our Architect, Dan Hunt, in preparation for the sanctuary remodeling.

Beginning Sunday, January 13th through April 7th, 2019, Park Avenue Christian Church will have one service at 10:30am in the Eric Gissel Youth Center.

Listed below are the dates of worship.  We are using both our first and second service  music and formats of Worship, for three months, as the sanctuary is being transformed to be more accessible and updated electronically.

January 13  2nd service style

January 20  1st service style

January 27  2nd service style

February 3  2nd service style

February 10  1st service style

February 17  2nd service style

February 24  2nd service style

March 3  2nd service style

March 10  2nd service style

March 17  1st service style

March 24  2nd service style

March 31  2nd service style

April 7  1st service style

We hope to be in the even more beautiful sanctuary by Palm Sunday.  Come and worship as the PACC family. We’ve already had one service  in the Eric Gissel Youth Center with about 80 people praising God for his blessings.


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