New Education Tools Make a Difference!

The Christian Education team has been blown away by the excitement all of our children through adults have shown about learning! With new Bibles and teaching tools, kids are not only learning Bible stories and how to apply them to their lives, but they are learning how to navigate the Bible and understand it on a timeline.  They are learning that this story is THEIR story, and it’s still going!

To check out the new materials, stop by the offices and you’ll see a few on display. Pop into one of the classrooms and checkout the incredible Bible timelines as well. The children and adults are loving that they have the ability to see where things fall in scripture.  Before we started, many had a hard time answering the question, “who’s story came first, Moses’, or Jesus’ birth story?”  But now students remember which of those stories happened in the Old Testament and which happened in the New Testament.  They learned a lot about how to navigate their Bibles, too.

The excitement is contagious around here! If you haven’t joined a class on Wednesday nights, it’s never too late.  Classes are available for nursery through adults!


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