Do You Hark What I Hark? – A Message from Pastor John

It’s that time of year again.  December.  The month when we do some things we will not do for the rest of the year.

For example.  It is during December, arguably one of the coldest months of the year,  that we go outside and hang festive lights all over the frame of our houses.  It is in December that we re-arrange our entire living rooms and drag in a tree.  If that were not enough, we take the tree out of its natural setting (outside) and we make it look very unnatural by stringing it with lights, popcorn, family heirlooms, and little strips of silver.

And how about the word “Hark”?   It means “Listen”.  I don’t find myself saying “Hark” too often.  But every year about this time I will talk about the herald angels and their harking.

It is this time of year that the word “Christmas” becomes a major adjective.  We have Christmas cards, Christmas carols, Christmas cookies, Christmas trees, Christmas movies, and Christmas gifts.  And oh, the Christmas gifts.  Our Christmas movies are interrupted by commercials for all the Christmas gifts we need to buy for those we love.  I have harked to so many of them already.  I mean, nothing says Christmas like one of those video games where everyone shoots everyone and they blow things up.

I know what you are thinking.  “Hey, Scrooge!  Lighten up!”  I’m no Grinch.  I love this time of year.  And all of those things listed above are wonderful traditions that I look forward to every holiday season.  As long as we remember that the first six letters of the word “Christmas” spell “Christ”.  All of our traditions are wonderful if they don’t take the place of Jesus.  We should never celebrate the birth without the birthday boy.  Did you hark that?  The fun and festivities are all part of the greatest gift the world has ever known.  Have a very, merry, season of Christ.

Pastor John


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